Nowruz Seminar at the Faculty of Communication

22.03.2021 05:45

Nowruz Seminar From The Faculty of Communication

Our University's Faculty of Communication organized an online seminar for Nowruz. Dean of the Faculty of Communication Prof. Dr. Tamella Aliyeva spoke at the seminar. Aliyeva, who explained Nowruz through the interaction of nature and humans, gave a pleasant speech by addressing the arrival of spring from both cultural and literary perspectives.

Talking about the importance of the night that connects March 21 to March 22, Aliyeva also talked about the values of nature and soil along with Nowruz. Underlining that the holiday is celebrated in very wide geography, Aliyeva took the listeners on a journey from animist beliefs to the present day. Aliyeva continued her speech by saying, “Just as buds bloom on branches, Nowruz Festival, which brings positive emotions to people, is a holiday of respect for abundance,” and also talked about the economic effects of the arrival of spring. Stating that the re-awakening of agriculture and animal husbandry started with Nowruz, Aliyeva enriched her speech with quotes from Biruni and Ömer Hayyam.

“Nowruz Unites Cultures”

Stating that Nowruz is welcomed with ceremonies in a wide geography from Azerbaijan to Turkey and Iran, although the ceremonies in various countries and cultures differ, the feelings felt are similar, and the respect and gratitude for nature and the love for the land are revealed. She finished by explaining the relationship between soil and sweat. The activity, which attracted the attention of the students as well as the faculty members of the Faculty of Communication, ended with a question-answer session.