Television Journalism Discussed at the Media and Communication Seminar

21.03.2021 23:45

Television Journalism Discussed at the Media and Communication Seminar

The second of the Media and Communication Seminars organized by the Faculty of Communication of our university was held with the participation of TRT News Channel Coordinator Yahya Bostan. Issues such as public broadcasting and the responsibilities of journalists were also discussed in the seminar on television journalism.

In his opening speech, our Rector Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat stated that our university is keeping up with the digital transformation and mentioned that it is important and valuable to bring the first students of the communication faculty together with the experts in the sector. In the seminar moderated by Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Assistant Professor Abdulsamet Günek, Yahya Bostan drew a broad framework from the transformation of journalism practices to the news production processes at TRT, from ethical obligations to the qualities of journalistic identity. Giving various advice to young journalist candidates who are just at the beginning of their university education, Bostan emphasized that journalists should keep up with digital transformation.

Emphasis on Speed, Confidence and Accuracy

Stating that speed, trust and accuracy are important in journalism, Yahya Bostan said that only if these three qualities coexist can be real journalism. Adding to his words that journalism was also affected by this change in the period when many sectors and structures were digitized, Bostan also discussed the importance of speed from this perspective. Another statement that was emphasized was that trust, which can be thought of together with the principle of accuracy in journalism, ensures trust in the journalist, and that this trust will bring public benefit.

Public Journalism Responsibility

Saying that the first principle in all units within TRT is the public interest, Bostan also touched upon the relationship between public broadcasting and ratings. Noting that the perceptions that journalism based on the public interest would not bring ratings have been destroyed, Bostan said that prudent journalism in matters of public interest brought interest and relevance and that TRT Haber was the most preferred news channel. Participation in the event, which was held with the participation of Bostan, was intense. In addition to the students of the journalism department, students and faculty members from different faculties also showed interest in the event. The seminar ended with a question-answer activity.