Mobile Journalism Discussed at the Media and Communication Seminar

20.03.2021 00:04

Mobile Journalism Discussed at the Media and Communication Seminar

Journalist Writer Yusuf Özgür Bülbül made a presentation on "Mobile Journalism" at the online seminar organized by the Faculty of Communication of Muş Alparslan University.

Muş Alparslan University Faculty of Communication organized an online event within the scope of "Media and Communication Seminars". Journalist Yusuf Özgür Bülbül was the guest of the seminar moderated by Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Assistant Professor Doctor Abdulsamet Günek. Bülbül's presentation on "Mobile Journalism" was attended by Muş Alparslan University Rector Prof. Dr. Fethi Ahmet Polat, Vice-Rector of Muş Alparslan University Prof. Dr. Cevad Selam and Muş Alparslan University Faculty of Communication Dean Prof. Dr. Tamella Aliyeva participated. Many faculty members and students also attended the seminar. 

News Faster and Economical with Mobile Journalism

Making a presentation on mobile journalism, Bülbül stated that the first studies in this field in Turkey were carried out by journalist Can Ertuna, and further described mobile journalism as "a new form of mobile journalism in which networked portable electronic devices are used to gather, edit and distribute news".

Stating that mobile journalism is important in seeing the point of journalism practices that have changed with the development of communication technologies, Bülbül gave various examples from Turkey and the world after her definitions. Bülbül also listed the benefits of mobile journalism, which offers numerous advantages, primarily being economical and saving time. Underlining that the images to be obtained from professional cameras and cameras can also be captured via mobile devices, the speaker also presented tripod, lens, and light samples to improve the quality of news images. Freelance journalist Yusuf Özgür Bülbül also contributed to the education of students with the advice he gave to journalist candidates