Mıssıon and Vısıon

29.10.2021 10:47

Our Mission

The basic mission of our faculty is to educate individuals equipped with knowledge and abilities at the universal level that can contribute to the development of our country and region. By depending on vocational ethical values, it aims to train the qualified element in the needs of the communication sector with an education that combines theory and practice. Our faculty aims to provide appropriate media training to the need and understanding of the basic mission and vision principles of our college. It aims to establish the media and communication subordinate structure to be prioritized in the correct impartiality and ethical principles of the region and aims to support each level of regional development.

Our Vision and Goals

     With communication skills, which can carry out their skills to different media, has a conscious of social responsibility, investigating, investigating, investigating, investigating, questioning, investigating, inquiring, investigating, investigating, investigating, investigating, inhibitive and international levels of education, research and implementation with innovative staff is to be a pioneer faculty in their fields.

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